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The HELIENE 96P is a 96-cell polycrystalline cell module that is capable of generating up to 440 watts of power per just 2.5 m2 (27.5 sqft) panel achieving the 17.2% efficiency rate. With output classes ranging from 420 Wp to 440 Wp, the HELIENE 96P still retains a thickness of only 40 mm and weighs just 31kg (68lbs). If reducing total installed cost while maximum system efficiency is critical to your project’s goals, then the HELIENE 96P is an excellent choice in any application.

Heliene’s 96 cell form factor have the following advantages relative to industry standard products;

  • They feature minimum power dispersion; standardized 1,000 or 1,500 volts insulation options and can generate up to 440 peak watts (Wp) per unit with just 96 premium cells.
  • All Polycrystalline 6” cells, measuring 156 x 156 mm have three collector buses per cell to increase performance.
  • For three (3) installed 96P modules the equivalent power of four (4) 72-cell modules has been installed. This equates to a reduction of 25% for racking clips, wire harnesses, wiring and other small but costly BOS components
  • Less modules mean less serial connections to reach 1000V (or 1500V pending system design). Less serial connections mean module mismatch losses are minimized.
  • Weight easily handled by two operators and can be installed as quickly as any standard 72-cell form factor module. 25% Increase in power for every module installed means a decrease in installation time of 20%+.

The performance of our modules is evaluated individually under standard test conditions, which can highlight the power in Wp and the percentage of performance, as well as the percentage of dispersion of nominal power.

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